Stain & Odour Treatment

Stain & Odour Treatment Services

No matter how gently you treat your floor coverings, stains are a fact of life. Many people find removing stains a frustrating and often unsuccessful exercise due to a lack of cleaning knowledge and the right equipment. A thorough professional clean can go a long way to reviving them.

We can also safely treat odour Problems with specialist odour treatment products that bond, encapsulate and absorb new and old sources of unpleasant odour problems.

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    Can all stains be removed?

    We can remove a lot of stains and spills from carpets with the cleaning process and specialised stain treatments. No carpet cleaner can guarantee the total removal of every stain found on carpet. Fresh relatively new stains are easier to remove than old set ones. Some spills actually dye the carpet and can prove impossible to remove, we can sometimes lighten the intensity if this staining. Improper treatment of stains by the home owner usually make the stain more difficult to remove.

    Can the source of urine smell be detected?

    Yes, We carry a powerful U.V touch that can show the location of urine in a Carpet and can then apply specialised urine treatments to the area of contamination.

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